Saturday, June 25, 2011

Blacks Wake Up

well well people how can we be anything more than what we are if we do not unite? not only is there power in our dollars there is power in our unity. here i am a black author and i have been promoting my books to black people who will not even take the time to review it for free! why is the question i ask, why is it so hard for black people to help another black person rise, but let me be a victim of a racial crime and black people will ruin a community all for the sake of my well-being. they will rob and steal to prove a point, but they will not pick up a book to help me sell it. how funny. my help comes from a race that the they say have enslaved me, from a people who they say hate me. my help comes from a higher being that we cannot see, i push on with the hopes that my true brother and sister will see that i am a soldier, a victim if you will. the worst thing in this world is to be poor, and as long as i stay poor i cannot help another black person up, but if i get up then maybe i can help you up, but if we all stay down we might as well put chains back around our necks and sit on them boats and wait til our last breath leaves our

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